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Q. Why do I need a Process Server?
A.  Arizona law requires a licensed process server to deliver legal/court documents.  Process Servers must be certified by the courts after

      completing testing and background checks.  To maintain our certifications, a Process Server must attend annual continuous education.

     Process Servers are considered Officers of the Arizona Superior Court.

Q.  What does a Process Server do?

A.  A Process Server serves or delivers court documents to the person listed on the documents from the court.  Multiple attempts may be

      made to serve the documents.  Once the documents are served, the Process Server will complete an Affidavit of Service, which will be

      notarized and delivered to the court from which it was originally issued.

Q.  How does a Process Server "serve" the documents?

A.  A Process Server will go to the addresses provided by the client (residences, work locations, etc.) to identify and locate the named

      recipient of the documents.  If the recipient does not accept the documents, the documents can be left without the recipient accepting

      them.  This is referred to as a "Drop Server."  Additionally, we can perform substitute serves (to any individual at the location) on certain

      types of legal documents.

Q. What is a Routine, Rush, and Same Day Rush?
A.  We refer to these names throughout our pricing schedule for each service we offer. A routine job gets taken out into the

      field within two to three business days, a rush gets taken the next day, and a same day gets taken out the same day. Routine

      work is attempted four times at the same address over two to three days and rush work is attempted four times at the same

      address on a daily basis for one to two days.

Q. How many attempts will a server make?
A. We typically leave this up to the discretion of the server dependent on the circumstances and current situation/environment

     when the service is attempted. The simple answer is 4 attempts and if the server is unable to serve the papers then 4 attempts

     is what you can expect from us per order, however, due to unforeseen circumstances there are times when we may warrant a

     few more attempts and times when we may not.

Q. Will we file your proof of service?
A. Yes. We will file your Affidavit
of Service with the appropriate Arizona Court and will send you a copy.

Q. What happens if you send us out to a bad address?
A. From time to time a customer will place an order and the server comes to find the subject no longer resides at the address you

     provided or a business has moved. We must still be compensated for our efforts and do not refund in this situation. We are

     very upfront about this so we highly recommend you do some due diligence of your own before sending us to a location.

Q. How does a client get us their documents to be served?

A. We will personally meet with you, you can fax, e-mail or mail the papers to the address below.  You will be notified when we receive

     your documents.

    We will not begin working on your case without payment in advance.